Sunday, February 28, 2010

TWO more emails....MOUNT SHOCK / Unnamed Bahamas

...when Kriss picked up his decemberpowderstick, I gave him directions to my backwoods spot, on Sunday he took his extended family out to 'the spot' to track up the fresh powder that had fallen on saturday...I couldn't meet up with them, but it looked like a great afternoon...He nickednamed the place Mount Shock...perfect..
here's a picture of Daniel, Kriss's nephew...... Daniel's about to leave the roll-in and make his own tracks (rad style and I think this is first time on a pow s'skate).....great shot .....dig all the jackets in the background, yo-yo riding gets hot... here's the text to this email:

"Great time!We loved it I will send you some other pics.
That is a great spot
Daniel surfs big time
Took him to PR last year for his 16th
We are surfing tomorrow after the kids swim meet
Everyone wants a December..."

..same day I get this email from my brother who's on a family vacation to a waveless island in the bahamas...we have both surfed the bahamas a couple times, some of the islands get amazing waves others are to shawdowed, this island is usually in the dark....but the dude gets so lucky ...a big swell forced in some pristine peelers dead in front of his room...haven't heard how he made out yet....every dog gets its's the text to his email:

"Offshore and waist high
Trying to find a board"


Friday, February 26, 2010

Email from Ocean Bluff, Mass. SEAN'S TAKE's an email from december's team Rider Sean...Sean is a extremely devoted snowskater who enjoys riding single decks, who better to test out and give feedback on the new team single design...


you might think this is a bias testimonial.......... but it sure beats me talking about it.....

"Kev, I just wanted to give some feedback on the new single


Size- I think the size is perfect for a single, not too big, not to small, I tried my buddys 32inch XXXX and I just couldn't ride it, nothing against (XXXX) snowskates but it just felt way too small. (but I guess that's just what I prefer)


channels- I love the channels on the board, it gives it way more control than the last single, and for a flat deck I feel like the control/turning is really good. i got the chance to ride a little powder with it (just like 4 or 5 inches) but it actually rode great in it, it was really fun


Pop- The pop is sick, again comparing it to the last single..way better but yeah it is definitely good size kicks.


Weight- Also perfect, it is much lighter than you think it would be by looking at it (again compared to the last single, much better), I don't think you would want it much lighter.


Grip- The grip is good, the snow doesn't seem to stick to it, but it has already started peeling on the edges on a few spots, so maybe for next time to somehow seal the edges or something to prevent that? i dont know about that one


bottom- I love the graphic, it is nice and simple but you can read December from a good distance ( which is definitely something you want) as far as putting the epoxy around the edge to stop the ptex or whatever that material from peeling is, it is a great idea and I am pretty sure it will hold up, nothing has happened yet but as I use it more, I will let you know how it holds up.


Over all- I think it is a sick/great deck. If you plan on making a line of single decks over the summer for next season I would definitely say make this deck..its so sick, I love it.


sorry if I wrote an essay haha the second teaser/preview is out for the maples film. Its a fast paced teaser (just warning you its a sneak peak, you just get clips thrown at you), it may be tough to tell but there are a few shots of me in it on the new deck ( all the rest are the old December single) graphic.

bummed not seeing a December ad in the new starfish haha


thanks dude -sean"

use the link to check out the new film from Maples Wax crew, excellent trailer, real clean...very pro. looking.....(passion pit?)


Thanks Sean for the feedback---



Big snow today,
funny this storm dumped 31" on the place i rode last week...
"dude, you should have been here a week from now"


production Notes:


finished up a second topdeck for Bryce


wrapping up second Powderstick for Kriss, this one has some character, a real custom.... pics to follow


About to press Seth's custom topdeck...more to come


enjoy the weekend

a storm this big awakens the greatest breaks along a rarely surfed stretch of funky obscure coastline, winter is the best....fingers are crossed
i bet she's dream of hiking

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Bits and pieces of an Email from Steamboat Springs

Mojoslim, sent this email out after recieving his 40" topdeck and I tossed in the toyfish, to see what he thought ...

here's parts of his two part email:

"I got home as sun was going down, and I rode that toy fish till it was dark. A few nice patches of powder in rhe yard, and some node steep starts. That thing is really fun so far.That package pretty much turned my collection from a skate to a quiver. Might take a day off to tomorrow :-D or maybe a half day"

(the next day)

"I had fun with the toy fish yesterday till dusk. I had a good laugh when I read - max weigh 65lbs lol. There were a few spots in the back yard that have just the right amount of powder/decline for that thing. It reminds me of skim boarding, but a big upgrade from a McDonalds tray! But there's also that surfy feeling to it, because you can float up and down on the powder.
Probably throw the toy fish in the car. I often see nice hills, untouched powder, that I always say taht I should hit with a skate."

(thats exactly what that little deck is made for)

......"I rode up at one of the ski mountains for the first time, today. The hill is called Howelson Hill. There was some hiking trails off to the side of the ski hill so my girl and I hiked up a bit and then dropped over a ridge into the ski boundary. Hit some mellow blue/green runs with the Lib48 and chiller deck and it was superfun. Can't wait to go back up with the December Deck and my powder subs and hit some back country powder. I didn't want to change off the trucks last night for fear of completely throwing myself off today with a new board. But i'm likely going to do that tonight. I feel like the 48lib will fit with that deck really well, lengthwise. I'm really bummed that we forgot the camera in the car when we started the hike. Oh well, next time. I don't have any footage of myself with my skates, so there's no proof that I actually ride! haha... I could just be a collector for all anyone knows.
My girlfriend is a snowboard instructor, so she was really worried that i would be eating shit all over the place and not be able to keep up with her. We were both pleasantly surprised that I could.
Alright man, take it easy, and i'll catch you later. Thanks again!

thanks Zachslim...

thats what snowskating is all about....
here's a pic of his quiver, he's got the bug bad, he even made that tall black sub out of a old snowboard....very chill..

Wednesday, February 24, 2010


demo a snowskate this season ...don't wait until next year to start... it is way to much fun,

here's a list of manufactures: maybe one is in your area (google them)





lib tech




boydhill snowskates (as promised in a earlier post



minus seven



and for mag stoke


(sorry if i missed a favorite company, leave name in the comments I'll update)

...I'm sure all these companies would be happy to set you up with a demo and go try...

email decembersnowskates if you wanna try one:

tons of snow has been falling in the hills locally, FPS tracks

Lots of great emails coming in about snowskating, I'm thinking of sharing a few to spread the stoke...

take care...


Sunday, February 21, 2010

TWO used decks headed out

This experimental top deck is for Bryce (from the boydhill fame) out in Idaho...hand chiseled grab channels, not exactly machine perfect, but they feel nice in your grip...

39" x 9.25" kinked kicks

ZACH..... aka MOJOSLIM's new "slightly used 40" deck" ... top view

Saturday, February 20, 2010

FLAT decks

the TEAM single deck: 39" x 9" with sidecut, camber, three glide lock channels, and skinned with highest quality waxable sintered base (4000 gallium ptex)

team rider SEAN testing it out somewhere in New Hampshire

138.00 with grip...

Tuesday, February 16, 2010


..a quick word about Boyd Hill...they are a group of neighbors that have been setting the standard in the ski building business for years,....Bryce, who start Boyd is a snowskater who has designed these subs from R&d'ing and has incorporated his friends expertise in skibuilding to start churning out these incredible high quality subs, their system has been proven..... their materials, their glue, their presses, and their methods have been optimized years ago...they are ready to start producing subs today..Bryce's professionalism is topnotch, emails turn into realty...drop him a line if you curious about boyd hill, he'll explain it all, he's serious about his product and will not be disappointed....

*as soon as I get a business email I'll post it

2009- 42" boyd hill in all pictures

couple notes:
...used december 40" topdeck headed out to Zack out in Steamboat Springs, Colorado said waves were small but super clean (= long rides) at a very close by beach break..
...headed to a minor ski resort for a night, looking foward to riding..

Monday, February 15, 2010

few more pics from sat

jason, with a big smile, riding 38" december deck, with a boydhill 42" sub
125 FPS sub and 40" december topdeck...

Kriss sent this photo in today, he's somewhere interesting, I see palms in the pic, zero powder

Sunday, February 14, 2010


occasionally I get emails asking if powdersnowskates really work, or whats the deal with them....

they really need two things to get going...about 8" of powder or better, and a real steep face...if you can't find a steep face, you have to ride straight until there's enough speed to start to turn....back in december we had about 28" of fresh powder in one storm, the next day the powdersticks rode excellent, can't explain the flow and pure thrill of it, since then I have made a few, I even made alittle toy for the local groms, its short, narrow and light. It has no metal edges or ptex on it. just a painted wooden bottom, and its not made for an adult, that being said, its fun to ride, I tend to bring it along because its so light, the other day Rich had a flip cam. and decided to film me riding the toy...nothing special, the hill is to flat, maybe it just needs to be skinned with ptex, maybe the ptex would have prevented me from getting run over by the camera man.

..definitely making more...this is all just for fun, glorified sledding,

should you have one in your quiver? definitely!!!especially if you surf...alaia on the snow...should you buy one? you don't have to....make it out of anything (old skimboard)

thanks for checking it out..sorry if its to corny......

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Yesterday and today

last year my buddy Rich use to come by the shop and laugh, and ask "what are you making", he liked the idea of snowskates, but time was his issue, this past winter he would see some skates in the back of my truck, laugh and say "I gotta try one", but always follow up with, "I have to give up some hobbies not start new ones"....but yesterday we ran into each other and there was no excuses, he wasn't busy hunting, fishing, playing hockey,surfing, coaching lax or we hiked to my little spot and rode...he picked it up fast...

jason meet up with us today, and brought his office with him

but this is what Rich spends his real time on....he's and older longtime bmx rider....learning tricks and naming tricks before foam pits were a realty.... here's some shots of him riding locally, he's one of the guys that established the to enlarge the photos and check out how many hits they built...thats a serious wonder he has no time, the dude's constantly shoveling

style counts for everything....

day two for Rich, by the look of his hat I guessing this is the bomb drop he landed.. he's riding a 38" december deck (co-designed by lakeside) with a 42" boydhill sub......he wants his own set-up now... the hook has been set..

Thursday, February 11, 2010

i love this picture, the snow on the farm is level with the snow bank....(this is the same area where that dust storm was a couple of days ago...things change)

Farmer/coffee baron/pnuematic j

...if you have seen any old posts (or those sad videos) on this blog, you know I suck at skating, if you have any skill at all I'm sure you could get these boyd hill snowskates' to pop seriously will love the pop in this sub......the white topsheet shows the wood core very slightly, very cool looking ...the construction is SOLID...

. jason the dude in the first pic....sent this shot of the waves out in front of where he works today.....cold, empty, and totally set-up...people always ask isn't it cold? not really ....I've been much colder sitting on a chairlift.... you might have to click on it to see it better

the snowskating yesterday with my old neighbor jason was classic... if you have never ridden a snowskate, you gotta try........... ridiculously fun...the winter's still young...try one..

get info at:

WINTER 2009-2010 Snowskates
Singles, flat decks, and Powder sticks

Top decks....priced by size

december singles

december singles
.... our single decks are hand crafted and pressed using 8 ply Canadian Maple , engineered with five glide-lock channels that have been "skinned" with the latest technology in snowboard base material; 4000 "Red" Sintered Base with Gallium, to give today's rider tomorrow's speed and performance, now.....

december TOP decks for BI-DECKS

december TOP decks for BI-DECKS
....hand pressed out of 7 plys of hard rock maple. These top decks are to be mounted to the sub of your choice whether its for powder or park...Our decks are available with custom concaves, kicks, and sizes. These decks are best if tweaked to the riders desired dimensions....all truck holes will be pre-drilled..Prices vary upon sizes...

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