Monday, May 31, 2010

Unedited iPhone documentary of a mini pocket rocket deck

Spreading the glue on the first ply..five to go...

maple plys glued up and placed in mold

Pressing maple

12 tons of pressure come down by hand

Veneer Saw

celebrate the end of winter snow season

here's a nice piece of video of the local snow scene, unfortunately there's no snowskating in this video...the first couple minutes is a area located about 5 hrs straight upstate, what it lacks in vertical it makes up in sheer snow volume,( I posted about area awhile back) it is a perfect place for powder snowskates...just ride down..... step off...... and hike back up....the wide open exposed snowfields' scenes are from the rockpile...

Erik Olson Edit from Ian Avery-Leaf on Vimeo.

video by Erik Oslon

Saturday, May 29, 2010

to celebrate the end of Winter surf season

here's a very polished glimpse of the common winter here, I love this video because Matt doesn't just wait for trunks and tropical swell to film, (it would be like lipstick on a pig) its mostly gnarly, cold, and windwhipped winter set-ups in these shots, the waves are good all winter here, but no one is buying a plane ticket to come here and dress-up in a 5mm with booties and gloves..... money can be spent better...we however love it...thank you Matt for piecing together a beautiful clip..

Surfrider Slideshow 2010 from Matthew Clark on Vimeo.

Thursday, May 27, 2010

recieved this email at 8 am today

here's the content to the email: "In *** and the rocks are going off. Jumping in shark waters"

click to enlarge picture and take a look at dude getting washed in, I don't see his board anywhere..

thanks for pic burkey, plenty of waves locally this week, but for some reason, I'm still alittle jealous of this pic.
hope everyone else has been getting in....

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Monday, May 24, 2010

Gears have changed

CUSTOM hand pressed skate decks Now being offered.. Wheelbase 14" you
choose length, width and color contact

Thursday, May 20, 2010

Snow Still showing at the ROCKPILE

i have to prioritizes better, for a month now I've been watching the snowfields shrink and the the ravines turn to grass on these summit cams.....i honestly don't have anytime time in the next few weeks to drive up there...the end of June is my time, but will there be enough snow left to connect a few turns? we'll see...
...check that little puffy cloud about forty feet above the summit, you think it will dump some powder?

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

fish demo

the next bunch of post was from a fish frye I attended on saturday, real chill vibe, lots of cool people and shapers....even found a couple of pics from various sites...

Classic san deigo shaping duo Steve and Cher

Josh hall in transit

Glider pic

Found this pic from the fish frye, of my duct taped casper, photo
taken by jack Brull, check out his site for
more stylish surf pics... his methods and compositions' are excellent

Got to meet top dog shaper Steve Pendarvis

Learned alot talking to Steve and his wife Cher... awesome people....

not sure who took the photo

Block of foam surfing= bindingless thrill

Met Matt with the foam ride, no glass, no wax, no fins, no nose, no tail, but it works....there's some serious videos on the internet of these things in action....something to think about if you still strap into a snowboard....Thanks again for allowing the demo Matt, and the info... that cooler lid got the most smiles in the water that day...behind matt is tyler with a 11' plus christenson glider quad, so sick...rode that one for a minute...i did it no justice..

Thursday, May 13, 2010

3 BIG snowskate molds

Missing from the picture: 34" december street skateboard mold ( to
heavy to pick up for photo)

Monday, May 10, 2010

Sunday, May 9, 2010

cat tracks at the rockpile in april

its freezing out, upstate got 3-4" inches in the valley, the summits should have gotten more, and its mother's day...pretty cool.... however winter is finally losing its grip on the surf, which is pretty cool too.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

NORWAY, Baard, Stadt

...been meaning to post these pics of Norway for awhile now, I met Baard electronically this past winter, he contacted me with interest in distributing Decembersnowskates to Norwegian skateshops for the 2010-2011 season, through his Bernhard Sports company. (he's got quite a talented skate team over there)...this summer I'll be working hard to gets some snowskates sent over to his neck of the woods in Norway. At one point during our discussions, I asked about the surf there and my dream plans of a surf trip to the Lofoten Islands (Norway) which are located in the Artic Circle....
he sent me an email with photos about an area, he and his friends pioneered surfing some twenty years ago, completely empty..... really amazing stuff, ...... here's a couple I gleamed from the email.....being a huge fan of icy cold empty pointbreaks, Norway looks perfect to me!!!!!

photos: from

surf and snowskate anyone?

glassy left

super chill right

thanks for the photos Baard, looks like you have alot going on over there...
I will post more shots of this amazing spot in the future...

here's a clip from an upcoming skate video that Bernhard Sports is working on...can't wait to see this, quality looks Norway!!!!!

Intervju: Michael Sommer from Bernhard Sports: Monsoon on Vimeo.

......please send me any sliding photos you have, doesn't matter what type or medium...thanks in advance, kev..

Monday, May 3, 2010

12-20" fell Upstate the other day

(photo phil brown)

pretty hard to imagine (even though it happens every year) such a large amount of snow falling so close to may (i believe april 28th), my travel plans are very limited, luckily the change from spring to summer will bring some real fun surf for next week or two, before the dreaded june, above is two pics of some fresh snow from last week.....wish i could head up
this next picture was taken during the "normal" spring conditions (same area) ....looks sweet (photo greg petrics)



please send in your snowskate pics you might have from anywhere, would love to post snowskate shots all summer them to kev


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december singles

december singles
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december TOP decks for BI-DECKS
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