Monday, April 27, 2009

STARFISH MAGazine has arrived

..just got the latest issue of Starfish. It has excellent pictures.... and some real cool diy tips... definitely worth checking out...In addition it even has the debut december snowskate ad!! ...the generous guys at starfish sent me a bunch of copies, so if you would like one leave a comment or email me. I'd be stoked to mail out a free copy..
wanted to para- phrase from a much early post about where december snowskates evolved from:
. I first tried snowskating, well at least the feeling back in 1977 at my uncle place at Mt. Snow. My cousins and I would smuggle out lunch tray's from the cafeteria, and ride them down the massive snowbanks in front of the lodge. We went from sitting to eventually standing. This was the first time I had experienced that thrilling "slide ass" but semi-in control feeling. A feeling so strong, that I have tried to duplicate over and over ever since. In the past Surfing always represent the this "feeling" to me the greatest. Nothing beats the feeling of sliding and re-connecting while generating more speed then surfing, but today my focus has been snowskating, there is such level of style, freedom and reckless control that I put everything I've learned and absorbed through board sports and the countless hours studying in the classroom about design, strength of materials, and construction,in addition to the years of field/industry work into a product that we at december, believe will be a snowskate you can progress with and depend on for years to come...

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Heres's one from the NOTEbook

one of december's co-creater grew-up in ohio...He wishes he was hip to snowskating back when he was in school, because of the tons of snow, and lack of mountains terrain. with this in mind we came up with the idea to actually drill holes into a flat deck, so a grom can skate to his snowskate terrain (once there he can remove the trucks and plug the holes with alittle wax) maybe only use three bolts, or secure bolts with wing-nuts, who knows???today I tested this idea, it worked great as a skatedeck...shot video but its not worthy of posting(more fotoage to come) winter board to rule them all...

here's a picture of the snowskate next to a normal deck and a sector nine, its pretty big, so i went to my nieghbors driveway to see if I could ollie it
and heres a quick clip of the ollie attempt...warning: you will never get this 1:30 seconds is pretty lame, and it shows what a weaker skater I am; its like a 2" ollie, when I get new batteries (the camera died just after that 3rd attempt) i'm gonna film some more (after some serious practice)

Friday, April 24, 2009

wild things

got up real early to get some punchy shorebreak today...on the beach not to far from the line-up was a bunch of fresh deer tracks, my guess three or four ran down the beach not to long before I got there...even tho deer are very common here, I still love when I come across them or other locals (foxes, seals, and my personal favorite wild turkeys)...waves had a nice clean shoulder this morning...

.....just wanted to re-mention our mission statement (of sorts):
After many moons of trying to improve surf style, we headed into the mountains one winter to continue to work on flow. Riding strapless was the answer, and riding fresh powder strapless was surfing. Today we manufacture custom decks for powder bideck boards, and in addition we will be producing single deck skate/snowskates (custom also) for park style riding and local set-ups. We are finally out of 'R&D' and into production of four unique models. We are very excited about the future. If you have interest please contact us directly by email....Thanks for time...

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

outside the shop

production update: heres' a
quick shot of the big mold "curing" (used the skateboard for scale)...this mold will be used for top-decks around 42" long...

Sunday, April 19, 2009


december t-shirt: available soon
...this is the botched ad for Starfish was tossed out..
..our new ad will be out this week in STARFISH...

another view of our singles

Tuesday, April 14, 2009


...just finished making the 42" mold..since everything is handmade, and I'm battling a cnc machine for accuracy, i decided to pour some Rocktite hydraulic cement on my form to make a slab of what the deck would look like (check evenness of my concaves..) everything seems to be a go...its time to make the female portion of my mold....hydraulic cement is a great hardens so fast, you can sculpt with it before it kicks or self-levels... the beginning when we started this idea (company)... as a team we sat down and brainstormed ideas that would enhance our snowskating experience. I wrote a majority of these ideas in a notebook. I check this book daily...some of the stuff has been tested and failed, and other ideas have made us smile and have been posted, but a majority of ideas have not been mentioned. The next couple of weeks I would like to introduce a few more. Please feel compelled to give us feedback, to me that is the greatest advantage of blogging. I can find out pretty quickly if we are on to something or its a bust. As always Thank you for checking us out.....


Monday, April 13, 2009

short sequence

We recieved a couple of more cool pics from NH. This is a quick sequence of a friend of LSS's popping a ollie on that huge "summerstick" (its about 40 inches long) ....nice job...and thanks for the pics steve

Saturday, April 11, 2009

got some cold water strapless surfing in this am

quick cellphone pics;

...i have been reading alot about the Hurricane Ridge (Olympic Mountain Range) snowskate event last weekend... man, it sounded like fun, i hope to make all the events next season... check out chillerdecks' blog...he posted a real cool powder snowskating blows me away, I can't stop viewing it..

Friday, April 10, 2009

"Summerstick" LAKESIDE

the lake.... no swell tho.. I always dig POV shot stevo
healthy concave

experimental kicks

.... "lakeside" has sent us a bunch pics of the demo board.. the board has some experimental kicks on it. Probably better as a top deck then a street board, but LSS is testing it out on the pavement for us and passing along some insightful feedback. Thanks LSS for all your feedback and the quality pics. (beautiful looking area)
board building update:
we're waiting on our last shipment of maple until summer
we might have enough for one or two more decks (if interested please send a email)

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Lots of stuff going on right now...

...tons of things happening: our first ad in STARFISH magazine coming out soon, multiple molds (38", 42+" kinked kicks)being made for TOP DECKS, quality feedback coming in from LSS on the demo "summerstick", our first t-shirt design is finished, and breaking the ice on a website.....and lots of organized and unorganized swell coming in this week..

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Cellular pics yesterday 4-4

...sometimes its probably not worth posting crappy cellphone pictures, they do the swell and wave size no justice.... This swell had some umph, and the pictures look "head high" and shoulderless, oh had some kick ...this is my friend Mike,(guy going left) he is one of the few surfers that i know personally that has unlocked the secret of the "potato chip" thruster...The guy's truly a solid surfer, it doesn't matter what coast, or what Island he's on he can get it done...I have seen local's at a crowded Caribbean island hoot for him as he dropped into a bomb set wave,.... he's told me stories of big lanikea's, death defying ba-wa (spelling? indo), and Ireland... Guy makes me feel soft, but when the waves turn to mush he comes to me to borrow a board...

cellular pics today 4-5

my friend snapped a couple of quick ones today. Riding a casper makes funky stuff feel like head high and is the shit wave's magic bullet

Friday, April 3, 2009

o.s. solid cherry plank ..."heater delete"

had fun roughing and sanding this one out, shape from the seventies built for speed, its name: heater delete

found some old trucks and wheels that seem to fit it nicely..this is just a test, I have a choice piece of wood to make another one....still needs to be fine sanded, sealed, and gripped maybe even video, if someone is game..

Thursday, April 2, 2009

...the next side project...and todays glassy little waves

this spot was alittle close to shore, but an old stand by down the road was holding this windswell/groundswell perfectly tonight....


newest side project...more to come

...when they wind really lies down you can hear the swell from anywhere in town...even when its small....(but the wind is usually a nightmare) Today was one of those days...a faint dull roar in the background.....i love it...

get info at:

WINTER 2009-2010 Snowskates
Singles, flat decks, and Powder sticks

Top decks....priced by size

december singles

december singles
.... our single decks are hand crafted and pressed using 8 ply Canadian Maple , engineered with five glide-lock channels that have been "skinned" with the latest technology in snowboard base material; 4000 "Red" Sintered Base with Gallium, to give today's rider tomorrow's speed and performance, now.....

december TOP decks for BI-DECKS

december TOP decks for BI-DECKS
....hand pressed out of 7 plys of hard rock maple. These top decks are to be mounted to the sub of your choice whether its for powder or park...Our decks are available with custom concaves, kicks, and sizes. These decks are best if tweaked to the riders desired dimensions....all truck holes will be pre-drilled..Prices vary upon sizes...

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