Saturday, April 30, 2011

Surf Saturday

...very convenient when surf cleans up on a Saturday... Pic was taken a sec or two to late... Picture drinking water pouring out and peeling both ways

Not as thin as it looks

One of the Boyd customs decks mounted's the blue deck, mounted on a new orange Boydhill all mountain 132....looking foward to riding a 132 soon .. Also they might be making a 112cm for next season!! To quote Bryce "Game changer"..

Bryce's shy cat

Wyoming's own John M.'s powder surfboard

Lots of discussions about powder boards this season with various builders. Here's an awesome pow-stick created, pressed, and shaped by John in Pinedale, WY. How does it ride? We'll have to wait until next season, this one was just finished ... Looking foward to hearing how it goes!! Thanks for sending in the pic Mike.

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Late spring in the high peaks wilderness section 4/22/11

Steve shot a little video of the summit on Friday....the weather was textbook perfect for this time of year... Funny how just feet below this summit we were booting up a sheer snow flank in crampons, praying a slip wouldnt send us skidding down the chute into a bunch of trees... By the time we reached the top of chute a fall would have resulted in a broken rib or arm at best.. In the clip you might be able to see me with a crampon in my hand and snowskate at my feet.. Don't ask .. Haha ... Really, really fun day.. Very addicting stuff.. Don't try it unless you want another activity to obsess over... It's like a warning sticker they should put on a surfboard.. Warning: it will ruin your life

Steve's summit vid 4/22/11 from december snowskates on Vimeo.

Surf is coming up today

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Driving in things looked pretty white

Scaling up

Fresh snow 4/22/11

Approach skis, poles getting a free ride down

Sticky snow

.... Skiing up was fun until skis loaded with snow on every step.. This trail is skiis only .. No boots, no snowshoes, snowskates are not even remotely on the radar, when it comes to equipment.. We skied up just to snowskate down.. The steeps had our number.. But we managed to skate a slope where your not allowed to plant a foot..

20days earlier this summit was socked in

Snow is shrinking at the summits

.. But in the tree line is still packed super deep.. I fell in a spruce trap that seemed bottomless !!

Surfing overhead birch glades !!

Vid grab of Steve

..he looks relaxed threading the needle

Packing skis

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

FISHSCALES brother is tired of snowshoeing, his distaste for it rubbed off on me, now we are both tired of snowshoing, so we decided to kick and glide our way to the spring snow (certain trails require skis or snowshoes to perserve trail system)..however skins don't glide enough. But waxless does, good old "fishscales", from our skinny ski days. My idea was to pack out the router base on an angle and cut the fishscales directly into ptex on an old snowboard and then rip it into a pair of approach skis..seemed to we quickly tested them out last weekend (all went well!!) hope to push their limits on friday..(bindings are from circa 2001 design to accept any soft shoe- pika mountaineering)

check video for fishscales in action at closed test track PS i'm a natural

Testing the fishscales from december snowskates on Vimeo.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Sacred Craft Show Santa Cruz and Hydrodynamica's "Remember the Future" Show

...two great pics from two amazing places two weeks ago. really stoked to see the powder board rubbing rails with some most innovating surf designs of the past few years, (like the ekstrom finless "earwig" and one of the orginal CASPERS in the hydro loft) really fun stuff ...can't thank Kirk enough for dragging the board up and down the california coast and thanks to richard kenvin for putting it in the "remember the future" show....I owe you guys...kb
if your curious what the hydro show looked like? here's a link to a video of ryan burch's math board from the show (if your really bored you can see a december powstick 29 secs in, way in the corner) ryan (stoked and broke fame) shred on his tiny self shaped twin tip...well worth it.

here's a real pretty pic of the earwig, a casper, RK and a bunch of Scott Sullivan (when i first saw that ekstrom I thought it was for riding snow with all that sidecut)

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Mr. Chairlift Skeptics

..ran into the man behind the classic snowskate video 'chairlift skeptics' on Sunday.. He was cutting a kicker into the halfpipe, and salting it down.. We didn't have much time, so didn't talk long... But he had to hike into place with a chainsaw, shovel, 3 gallon tank of gas, and bag of salt.. Pretty damn impressive

here's a look at his video from 2006!!!!five years old already

Monday, April 11, 2011

Could have slid it, either way yesterday

Jeremy chose to surf (pictured here and the post below riding without fins)
I chose to meet up with my brother and ride some snow by his house ... Excellent Sunday either way !! Thanks for pics


Overcast sun cups

The valley

The dragon

Friday, April 8, 2011

get info at:

WINTER 2009-2010 Snowskates
Singles, flat decks, and Powder sticks

Top decks....priced by size

december singles

december singles
.... our single decks are hand crafted and pressed using 8 ply Canadian Maple , engineered with five glide-lock channels that have been "skinned" with the latest technology in snowboard base material; 4000 "Red" Sintered Base with Gallium, to give today's rider tomorrow's speed and performance, now.....

december TOP decks for BI-DECKS

december TOP decks for BI-DECKS
....hand pressed out of 7 plys of hard rock maple. These top decks are to be mounted to the sub of your choice whether its for powder or park...Our decks are available with custom concaves, kicks, and sizes. These decks are best if tweaked to the riders desired dimensions....all truck holes will be pre-drilled..Prices vary upon sizes...

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